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Thinking of selling your vehicle?

Selling your vehicle can take a lot of time and effort, from finding where to list it and deciding what price you hope to get for it, to dealing with people calling at your home and making ridiculous offers. And if you’re not an expert in the field, you may find it takes up far too much of your precious time for not nearly enough reward.

Rather than put yourself through that, why not let us take care of everything for you. With years of experience in buying and selling motorhomes and caravans, we can carry out pre-delivery checks, offer expert advice and manage the whole sale of your vehicle from start to finish.

If you are thinking of selling, simply fill in the form below and one of our friendly team will be in touch to discuss everything with you and look after all the details of your sale.

Experienced dealer

With years of experience in selling motorhomes and caravans, you can count on Leaf Leisure to look for the best deal for your vehicle.

Expert advice

We’ll give you a professional appraisal of your motorhome or caravan and our best advice on what it needs to get sold.

One stop shop

If your vehicle needs a little help before you can sell it, we can do professional repairs and upgrades to get you a good deal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

That depends on the age and condition of your motorhome or caravan, and the market at the time. We have a great deal of experience selling motorhomes and caravans and we will get you the best price possible. We will look at your vehicle and give you an idea of the price you might expect. We can also advise you on whether repairs, improvements and refreshes can add value and bring in a higher price. If so, we are specialists who can carry that work out for you.

The length of time for a sale varies. Again, it depends on the condition and age of your vehicle, but sales can also be seasonal, and it can depend on the time of year. We will put our knowledge of motorhome and caravan sales to good use and do everything we can to sell your vehicle quickly.

Absolutely! We understand the factors that go into getting the best price for your vehicle, and we will give you an honest appraisal, including looking at anything that might add value to your vehicle and bring a higher price. However, we will never recommend repairs or upgrades, for the sake of it, that won’t increase the value of your vehicle. Should you need any ugrades or repairs to improve your chances of a good sale, we are specialists in the field and can do the work for you.

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